Tips for Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor



Reading reviews is an easy way to see how well a roofing contractor has treated their clients in the past. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when searching for honest and legitimate reviews. Understanding how review sites work is extremely important. Site’s like and will remove unwanted reviews for a price. Bigger companies that have a ton of money to spend on marketing will just pay to get rid of any negative reviews. This makes it really hard to find honest reviews on sites you thought you could trust. Two good places to turn are Google and Facebook. Neither service accepts company revisions nor profits from reviews. Both services are frequented by a majority of web users.


Another thing to watch for are friends and family members leaving reviews when they weren’t in fact customers. These are hard to spot but are usually really generic and short. The longer, more thought out reviews are typically legitimate customers. On the other side of the coin is the occasionally person trying to bash a company online for a personal reason. With all that being said, you shouldn’t base your entire decision solely on reviews.


Find someone who is local


Choose a local company. After a large hail storm, roofing contractors often come in from all over the country to get a piece of the pie. The problem with going with a non-local company is that once they leave town if you have a problem with your roof you may never hear from them again. They will typically offer a 5 or 10-year warranty on their labor. But what good is a warranty if you can’t find or get a hold of your roofing contractor to have them fix their mistake? If you go with a local roofing contractor you’ll have a much easier time tracking them down and getting them to repair any mistake they may have made. The local guys typically have more vested interest in the community and their customers because their reputation, and therefore, their workload and income, depend on it.


Getting Bids


If you are paying for your roof out of pocket and have not filed a claim with your insurance company, you should always get at least two bids for your roof. That way you can compare prices and determine which company is better. If you have filed a claim with your insurance company for damage to your roof and you trust and like the first company that gave you a bid, then it’s not necessary to get multiple bids. This is simply because your insurance company is paying for your roof. You will not pay above your deductible no matter which company you decide to work with. The cheapest roof is generally just that, cheap. Since your roof is arguably the most important aspect of your home, a quality roof that is installed properly is imperative! There is no reason to save your insurance company money and risk getting a lesser quality or poorly installed roof.


Length of time in business isn’t always a kicker


This is one of the biggest misconceptions when choosing a roofing contractor. Although a long standing reputable company seems like the better choice, this isn’t always the case. Often times the smaller companies that have less time in business have lower overhead and can offer you a much better deal. Most of the time smaller companies will have the owner or manager on site overseeing the crew during the build. This is critical to ensuring proper installation. 99% of leaks on a new roof are due to improper installation. You’ll know after the first rain or snowstorm if your roof is going to leak, so buying some additional extended warranty is typically a waste of money.


Gut Feeling


The most important thing about choosing the right roofing contractor is simple. Do you trust them? What does your gut feeling tell you? Does the contractor seem knowledgeable and professional? If so, you’ve got a winner!

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  • My roof is in bad shape now. Thanks for the advice about finding someone who is local and that is more vested in the community. Another good piece of advice would be to find someone that is properly licensed and insured.

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