December 1, 2016

How long will an elastomeric roof coating last?

This depends on the product used and how thick it is applied, but most coating systems will last 10 to 20 years. With proper maintenance an elastomeric roof coating can last indefinitely, because they can continually be re-coated. Roof coatings are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Do roof coatings meet building codes?

Yes they do! Although, in most municipalities you don’t need to pull a permit because coating a roof is considered maintenance.

Do cool roof coatings save energy?

Reflective roof coatings can bring the surface temperature down as much as 80 degrees and can cut energy costs as much as 20%. Cool Roofs are LEED and EnergyStar rated as well.

Why should I restore my existing roof instead of replacing it?

The biggest reasons to restore with roof coating instead of replace is because it costs less and is a better system then all other materials. The fluid applied, fully adhered seamless membrane makes it very difficult for leaks to occur. The other big reason is that it is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly, because you avoid the messy tear off and keep tons of material out of the landfills. Roof coatings can be installed much faster and is non-disruptive so your business can remain open during the installation.

What type of roofs can be coated?

Elastomeric roof coatings can be applied to a wide range of roofing systems including: EPDM, TPO, PVC, Mod Bit, Roll roofing, BUR, Hypalon, Spray foam, and Metal. Although there are a wide range of materials that can be coated over not every roof is right for restoration. Our qualified professionals will need to inspect every project and build a plan specifically for each individual roof.

How do I know if my roof needs maintenance?

Obviously if your roof is leaking it needs maintenance, but leaks are not always so obvious. Every roof needs to be inspected and maintained at least 2 times per year to insure that drains are clear and that debris is off the roof to prevent ponding. Proper maintenance of roof can help it last significantly longer. In most cases, a full restoration is the best way stop a leak unless you can pinpoint exactly where the water is penetrating the roof.

Why are roof coatings white?

Not all roof coatings are white, but the vast majority are for one big reason, the sun. The reflective qualities of white roof coating keep the harmful UV rays off the roof and the heat out of your building. UV degradation is the primary cause for roof failures and leaks. The sun’s rays heat the surface temperature of the roof, and drys it out. As the roof drys out it loses it’s elasticity, or it’s ability to expand and contract with temperature changes of the roof. This leads to loosening of the nails, cracking and blistering, which can all lead to leaks. White reflective roof last much longer, because they can reflect up to 90% of harmful UV rays.